The Website is up!

We have launched the testing version of the website, a platform that will help connect patients with groups, communities, and therapies.  WeHealth was created to bridge the gap between the isolated undiagnosed individuals living with a disease and the communities, advocates, and companies working to improving the lives of those individuals.

We recognize that there are some amazing individuals that work tirelessly to build patient communities.  They cannot do this alone.  Therefore we want YOU to help.  WeHealth will work with these communities to describe the patients that we are looking for and ask YOU to spread the word to your friends, family, and physicians to find these patients.

If you cannot find these patients yourself, simply pass the message along to people who you know would be able to help.  If you pass the message to somebody who ultimately connects patients with our community partners, we will credit you for making that connection.  We look forward to getting started.  Stay tuned for when we launch with our first partner in the coming months!


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