GWI Newsletter – 11/23/20


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We’re Happy You’re Here.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary, we honor our service and heroism as a community built by Veterans, for Veterans in Massachusetts!

New Resources for You

Thanks to our community’s inputs, we’ve added three new verified resources for Desert Storm veterans and their families in Massachusetts.

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Desert Storm Community Survey

We are kindly asking that you share your reactions to the campaign with a 3-minute survey so that we can continue delivering vital resources and support to the Desert Storm community!

*All responses will remain anonymous.

Desert Storm Activism in the News

As many as 3.5 million Americans were exposed to burn pits and toxic chemicals during the first Gulf War through the global war on…

A Navy veteran who has now twice ridden his wheelchair across Minnesota to advocate for military veterans with Gulf War Illness is…

Gulf War veteran Judy Hubbard, who served 5 years in the Army, drives veterans to their appointments in the Columbia area. Hubbard said…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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