WeHealth’s Mission (VIDEO)

We just posted our explainer video on YouTube. Check it out:

WeHealth Explainer Video

The average rare disease patient searches 7 years for a diagnosis, during which they feel like they are on an island, isolated from communities and doctors.

What if you could help? Not by donating time and money, but by putting your social networks to work, finding patients with just one click and getting them off that island.

WeHealth is built on the idea that we’re all 6 degrees separated from each other (new research indicates that it’s now 4). When you share with your friends, our powerful crowdsourcing tech – developed at MIT – helps accelerate that share across each degree so that it reaches the patients in need.

We provide messages that help patients get diagnosed. We give you tools to share our advocacy message on social media or directly message your friends.

You earn points by completing tasks and recruiting your friends to join the advocacy campaign. You earn bonuses every time your recruits’ complete tasks, so keep them engaged! We track how each share progresses and reward you as it gets closer to the patients in need.

We can’t wait for you to become an advocate on WeHealth!


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